Air Conditioning Repair – Jacksonville, NC

If you feel that your air conditioner is in need of repair, maybe it is not operating like you feel it should, or is not operating at all; there are some things that can be checked first before calling a service person out.

As you know-summer in
Jacksonville, NC gets hot! Make sure you’re prepared as it approaches. We can replace old/install new AC systems, and provide maintenance to keep your system running efficiently. Sometimes a spree of ultra-hot days can still cause a system break. We offer home and business AC repair services to solve your air conditioning issues. Our in-house technicians have been trained to fix all brands of air conditioners, from the simplest to the most complex.

Air Conditioning Services Include…

  • A/C Technician Services
  • A/C System Maintenance
  • A/C Repair
  • A/C Installation
  • A/C Gas Refilling
  • A/C Advanced Piping Services

NC Comfort systems, inc

AC Repair and Replacement

As with any other home appliance repair, a new air conditioner won’t stay in top shape forever. Eventually, you may need AC repair – and when that happens, you can call us. And many years later, if your AC system needs to be replaced, we’ll be here to meet your needs. At NC Comfort Systems – Heating & Cooling Repair we offer a full range of AC services to Jacksonville, NC  homeowners. We aim to be the only HVAC services company you ever need to call. To discuss AC installation for your home contact us today!


AC Maintenance Services

Summer is almost here, and that means you will need to schedule an AC maintenance appointment with NC Comfort Systems. Our professional contractors can help keep your home cool all season long by performing annual tune-ups on the system each time they are needed! Contact us today for more information about how often these appointments should be or if there were ever any issues in past years – we want every customer satisfied so call now before our busy season starts up again.

If you stay in
Jacksonville or any of the surrounding areas, you are well aware that our summers are hot and muggy, whilst our winters are short, cold, and extremely windy. Now, most people have decided to tackle the heat by having an air conditioner installed in their home or business. These are fantastic, and go a long way to making the heat much more bearable. Here at Jacksonville Heating And Air NC Comfort Systems, we have a dedicated team that will take care of all your AC needs and more. Have a look at our website to see.


We guarantee that once you decide to have an AC unit installed in your home or business, you will instantly begin to reap the rewards. Before you can enjoy the pleasure it has to offer, you need to make sure that it is properly installed, and that the unit itself, and all its associated systems are running as they should. Fortunately for you, that is precisely why we are here, and our highly trained experts can handle any make and model. So instead of trying to do it yourself, we would suggest you give us a call.


You will probably not believe us when we say this, but most clients are blissfully unaware that their air-conditioning unit needs to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure that it is always running at its optimal best. They simply think that when it starts to slow down or develop a few glitches it has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. They do not realize that one phone call to us and not only will we have their AC back in perfect working order in no time, but it will save them loads of money.


No matter how much you service your AC unit. No matter how strict you are with the maintenance routine, certain parts are not designed to last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Again this will not only save you loads of money, but it will also ensure that your AC unit is always running as it should. To put your mind at ease we would just like to remind you that once again we can repair any make and model. So to make sure your unit is ready in time for the next summer, call us today.


The one thing we are sure you understand as an AC owner is the associated costs. Be they the actual unit itself, or the associated systems that need to be installed. These also include daily running costs, and any maintenance and repair work that will be carried out over time. Now, this may seem like a waste at first, but when you spread it over the lifespan of your average AC unit, we guarantee you will start to see that it offers real value for your hard-earned monies. Put this theory to the test by giving us a shout right away.

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